General Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

When registering at Cycle Factory Shop we will ask you to provide us with your name, e-mail address, billing address, delivery address and telephone number.  This information is essential for the processing of your order and to keep you posted regarding the status of your order.

Your details will be kept in the strictest confidence by Cycle Factory and not sold or made known to third parties.


Cookies are minute files that are stored on your computer. The Cycle website uses these files to remember the preferences you selected for example what items are in your basket as well as various other settings which are in place to make the use of the website simpler and easier.  Cookies are important for the proper functioning of the Cycle Factory website or any shopping website for that matter.

Stock Availability

Cycle Factory Shop updates stock levels daily.  Should an item become temporarily out of stock, the item will not be displayed on the site.  In the instance that an item becomes permanently out of stock, the item will be removed from the website entirely. Due to the nature of the Cycle Factory Shop business model, items & stock availability on an order may need to be confirmed from “time to time”. This will be communicated to you directly (via phone call or email), as & when applicable. In this rare event, we will contact you and you may elect to:

  • Cancel the order and receive a refund,
  • Wait until the item is in stock again (place on Back Order),
  • We substitute the item with a similarly quality/priced alternative.

Correct Information

Cycle Factory Shop goes to great lengths to ensure that the content, images, descriptions, prices and information on the Cycle Factory Shop website is accurate.  We continuously update content using manufacturer’s and supplier’s catalogs. In the event that you come across a mistake, please inform us at

If you bought something based on a description on the website and the item received does not match the description, we will be happy to give you a refund, as long as the item is unused.  Please see Orders T&C’s Cycle Factory Shop error for more information.

Cycle Factory Shop reserves the right to decline orders based on inaccurate information.

Changes and Amendments

Cycle Factory Shop reserves the right to make changes to these “Terms and Conditions” from time to time. Cycle Factory Shop will make it exactly clear how we use personal information provided to us by our customers.


Cycle Factory Shop does not take responsibility for any damages sustained or relating to the use of this site albeit, indirect, consequential or direct, data loss, income, profit, property loss or damage and third party claims implied or otherwise.


All content on the Cycle Factory Shop website including but not limited to images, descriptions, code, intellectual property and pricing are the property of Cycle Factory Shop and may not be copied without the express permission of Cycle Factory Shop.

Orders Terms & Conditions

Cycle Factory Shop guarantees that all products are not Grey Imports, therefore all warranties will be covered by the local South African supplier/importer against manufacturing defaults according to T&C’s of the product purchased.

New Product Returns

If you are not happy with the item you have bought on the Cycle Factory Shop website, you are welcome to return/exchange the item by meeting the following requirements:

  1. The Item(s) must be returned within 7 working days after receipt/delivery.
  2. Item(s) must not have been fitted (Clothing Accessories Excluded) or used (Clothing Accessories Included).
  3. You must print the email correspondence and attach it to the item before returning the package to Cycle Factory Shop.
  4. The Items must be in its original packaging (Clothing Accessories must still have its tag on)
  5. The send and return courier costs will be for your account.
  6. A 10% handling/administration fee will be expected to be paid by means of Credit Card or EFT. In the case of EFT payment, Cycle Factory Shop will require proof of payment to be sent via email.

Damaged or Faulty Items

Please Note: Warranties only cover manufacturing faults and defects, and do not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or abuse!

Normally products carry a 12 month warrantee and some manufacturers offer extended warranties on their products against manufacturer defaults. Warrantee details of the product you are purchasing is accompanied on each product found on the Cycle Factory Shop website.

Should you feel that your product has a manufacturing fault/defect and should be exchanged please contact us first ( | 021 552 8285) before returning your product. We will first want to determine whether a warrantee issue is valid. We will contact the South African supplier/importer and try to sort out the problem.

Should you have a valid warrantee claim we will exchange it for you when you meet the following requirements.

  1. Please ensure that the item is cleaned (If possible in its original packaging) before sending it to Cycle Factory Shop.
  2. You must print the email correspondence (or supplier warrantee form) and attach it to the item before returning the package to Cycle Factory Shop.

Cycle Factory Error

Should Cycle Factory Shop have made a mistake with your order, by sending a item(s) that is not in accordance with the original issued invoice, Cycle Factory Shop will happily exchange the item(s) for you.

The following requirements must be met:

  1. Cycle Factory Shop needs to informed and the item(s) need to be returned within 7 working days after receipt/delivery of the item(s).
  2. Item(s) should not have been fitted or used.
  3. Item(s) must be returned in its original packaging (Clothing Accessories must have their tags still on)
  4. You must print the email correspondence and attach it to the item before returning the package to Cycle Factory Shop.
  5. Cycle Factory Shop will arrange collection and return of the Item(s)

Order Cancellation

Please Note: You may only cancel your order if you informed Cycle Factory Shop in writing within 7 working days of ordering (Not after receipt/delivery!) any Item(s) on the Cycle Factory Shop website.

The following requirements must be met when cancelling your order:

  1. Your email to us must be clearly marked “Cancellation of Order” in the email subject line. Please include “Cancellation of Order” as the heading of your email. This ensures that your email is not to be mistaken for any other “General Returns”
  2. You must print the email correspondence and attach it to the item before returning the package to Cycle Factory Shop.
  3. You will be expected to pay all the courier costs (send & return) as well as a 10% handling/administration fee. This will be deducted from the original purchase price of the item(s) and the difference will be credited as per your correspondence with Cycle Factory Shop.

Payment Terms & Conditions

All prices include VAT (Value Added Tax) at a rate of 14%. Cycle Factory Shop Website prices are updated regularly, and may change without notice as prices are dependent according to international exchange rates.


Cycle Factory Shop makes it possible for you to purchase items on our website or shop by means of credit card (Master or Visa) or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

Please Note: EFT Payments need to be confirmed by sending us proof of bank transfer. Once payment reflects in our account your items are dispatched.

ABSA Business Bank
Acc Number: 4068965999
Branch Code: 632005

Ref: Please Use The Order Number

Email POP to:

Credit Card:

Credit Card Payments are handled by PayFast ( PayFast is a secure way to make Credit Card Payments and ensures your payment security.