Workshop Tools List B

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Workshop Tools List B

  • Park Tool BB Threading Tool BTS-1  (R 8,829 New)
  • Park Tool Facing Tool BFS-1 (R 5,392 New)
  • Park Tool Freewheel Remover x2 (R 697 New Each)
  • Park Tool Pedal Wrench PW-4 (R 647 New)
  • Park Tool Handle Bar Holder HBH-2 (R 498 New)
  • Park Tool Adjustable Spanner SPA-6 x 2 (R 309 New Each)
  • Park Tool Derailleur Hanger Alignment Guage Tool DAG-2 (R 1,150 New)
  • Park Tool Oversized Adjustable Saw Guide SG-7.2 ( R 544 New)
  • Park Tool Crank/BB Tool HCW-4 x2 (R 299 New Each)
  • Park Tool Hex Tool HT-8  (R 194 New)
  • Park Tool Hub Cone Wrench SCW-28|23|24|22|21|20|19|19|19|18|18|17|17|16||16|14|14|13|13|13 ( R 108 New Each)
  • Park Tool Brake Toe-In Tool BT3 (R 280 New)
  • Park Tool Rotor True Tool DT-2 (R 195 New)
  • Park Tool Chain Wear Tool CC-3.2 x 2 (R 108 New Each)
  • Park Tool Heavy Tire Lever TL-5 x 3 (R 148 New Each)
  • Park Tool Air-Duster Tool NV (R 304 New)
  • Park Tool Crank Puller CCP-22 (R 204 New)
  • Park Tool Crank Puller CC0-44 (R 213 New)
  • Ice Toolz Cable Outer/Inner Cutter (R 319 New)
  • INCGO Cable Cutter (R 75 New)


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