We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our shop. We take every customer seriously and go out of our way to ensure everyone is given the absolute best service. We have a list of priority customers as well who know they have first in line service because of the nature of their sport.

Our Workmanship

All our bikes are built and assembled in our factory. We sell at factory reduced prices and have a wide range of excellent bikes.


We are naturally drawn to giving the best advice and fitting our bike with nothing less than authentic new parts. If you are looking for something specific, give us a call and see if we can source it for you

Communication Policy

All work done is first communicated to the client for approval. In most cases bikes need inspection and a repair list is created and sent off for approval first. We never over charge you for labor or cost of parts and we are proud to say we have one of the most professional service centres in Cape Town, equipped to repair all bike problems.