Our Factory Shop

Every day the doors open to something new and interesting. Music plays in the background as the crew go about their daily tasks.


Chris is often seen at the back centering hubs, fine tuning spokes or hussling about for clients. His knowledge base in in depth and is able to give you answers and advise on all aspects of cycling.

Jacques is highly versed in all aspects of bikes, being an enthusiast he has built up knowledge over the years and applies that to everyday activities.


Gavin is a hard working guy on the floor. He knows plenty about the bikes and is helpful with all types of sales related queries. He is embarking on a new mountain biking hobby.


Julian, Twali and the team of expert bike technicians have everything under control and work diligently each day to create a very highly regarded bike repair shop. We have the likes of Porche and top riding clubs bringing their machines in for regular checkups and tuning.


Greg works on our website and marketing and aims to combine the on and offline experience to match our brand and sentiment. In today’s competitive markets being the best means putting in that extra little bit more each time.

Our Customers

We have a healthy group of regular customers but always have place for more growth. We welcome your visit and response. Please let us know if you liked your shopping experience with us, If you had any problems whatsoever please let us know. We truly want every customer to walk away smiling!