Meet the Team

Meet our team of vibrant and enthusiastic people who work at Cycle Factory. We believe we are among the best in the business. What sets us apart is we go out of our way to please every single person who has inquired or bought from our shop. We are open to your suggestions and comments and always take your opinion to heart.

Jacques - General ManagerChris - Shop ManagerGavin Wittaker - Sales ConsultantLungelo - TechnicianMartin - CFS Online

Jacques van Staden

Jacques van Staden

General Manager

Jacques is all about providing the best possible service at every opportunity. He has his finger on the businesses pulse and can be found solving problems and finding solutions.

Q: What’s your favourite MTB bike?

A: Silverback Slider 1 for sure! I love the 2015 colour and the general styling of the bike. The suspension technology is miles ahead of others for its price range. The grip stiffness and agility is what draws me to want to own one of these amazing pieces of machinery.

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Chris van Staden

Shop Manager

Chris loves bikes and is very good with technical info and best choices. He has a calm cool approach to work and is very well respected in the cycling fraternity in Cape Town.

Q: What type of bike do you suggest a beginner takes?

A: Hardtail MTB with Shimano hydraulic brakes is a great place to start. A fair quality wheel and fork is going to help. Consider a 29er if youre over 5’7″. I am a Silverback fan so all of their beginner range bikes or Titan Bikes. Both offer great entry level packages and great value for your spend.

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Gavin Wittaker

Sales Consultant

Gavin is the cross-fit guy who is into training and fitness. His approach to life is to push the limits of body mind and soul out on the road or on the trails. He has a passion for people and loves working with clients to help them find what they need.

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Bike Technician

One of our intern bike technicians.


Martin C Horne

Online Sales Manager

Martin is one of our most important team members, making sure everything on the online store is sorted and things are running smoothly. For website & marketing related queries, Martin is the guy to speak to.

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